Optical Network Solutions
Asiemo provides the latest technology enhancements in optical networking. Such solutions as Optical Networks, DWDM MANS, Gigabit Ethernet can be designed and implemented to provide adequate speed and performance for your business.

Convergent Solutions
Asiemo Consulting's VoIP (voice over IP) solutions provide flexible and cost-effective voice communications using existing computer data network infrastructures. Rather than incurring charges for each voice or fax call made with traditional telephone technologies, we can provide businesses an advantage of the flat rate pricing normally associates with Internet access. Standards-based protocols promise easy interoperability of various products with quality to rival that of traditional telephone installations. We consistently track industry standards and protocols. Let Asiemo find a Voice, Video, and Data convergence solution for your business!!!!!

Network Security
Network Security often takes a back seat in many corporate environments. This component is paramount to protecting the integrity of your data as well as your business. Asiemo provides expert knowledge in this area and could help assess your needs and proactively detect intrusion before major downtime persists.

How do I go about getting my computer hooked up to the Internet? How do I share files with others in my office? How do we share printers? Can I centralize my data? Do I need to backup my files and directories? If your company is looking for answers, call Asiemo Consulting and ask for the 2-the Desktop solution. This provides basic LAN services. We have custom-fit solutions to any size business.

Small Business
Many Small businesses lack the in-house expertise to handle their Information Technology needs. While Asiemo Consulting has targeted all markets, we pay special attention to the needs of the Small Business market. This attention gives Small Businesses the opportunity to focus on their product and allow the day-to-day IT operations to be serviced by experienced and competent Technology Solutions provider. Remember, Asiemo Consulting has your needs in mind.

Digital Business Infrastructure Suite
How does the idea of inception-to-completion (One-Stop-Shop) sound to your business? Asiemo Consulting will guide you through cost-effective LAN/WAN designs, implementation, provisioning, and secure connections to the Internet while also managing the day-to-day processes. This list of terms are areas of our expertise: Infrastructure: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN Switches, Routers, Hubs, Access Devices, Clients, Servers, Operating Systems, VPNs, Network Storage; Enterprise Applications: Intranets, Messaging/Groupware, E-commerce, Security, Network Management, Directories; Carriers& ISPs: The Internet, Extranets, Inter-exchange and Local Carriers, Wireless. Asiemo harnesses the business relationship with excellent customer service and on-site training. We take pride in recommending and delivering our client's needs.

IT Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Many companies are now outsourcing their Information Technology departments due to limited in house expertise. In addition, companies realize staff cost-savings and gain greater levels of expertise through consulting firms such as Asiemo Consulting. If your company cannot afford 2-3 inside personnel to perform the tedious drudgery of IT operations, then think of Asiemo as a life saving company to provide end-to-end solutions and pristine customer service.