AsiemoConsulting Brochure

Asiemo Consulting is a Digital Business Infrastructure design, management, and implementation firm. The firm consults with small, medium, and large enterprises to aid their growth and adoption of digital solutions to increase productivity and workflow. The firm also provides customized network solutions as well as business process outsourcing (Network Management, etc.)

As a total end-to-end solutions provider, Asiemo Consulting also provides its clients with Network Security solutions that aid in the protection of public infrastructure attached networks. Along with this service, Asiemo Consulting has partnered with a Virtual Private Network management firm to provide turnkey IP VPN solutions.

Asiemo Consulting has a variety of clientele ranging from start up organizations to major corporations. Our mission is to assist businesses in their efforts to grow and compete in the growing digital economy.

Asiemo Consulting's clients will attest to our professional, customer-friendly solutions center and our Engineer Assessment/ Evaluation Team. Our talented staff welcomes the challenges that may hinder a new company's ability to operate in the fast paced economy that the information age poses to small and medium sized businesses. Asiemo Consulting offers proposed strategies that will enhance a corporation's communication platforms, secure their network, or simply provide an overall assessment of an existing infrastructure.